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Diesel Pro Power is the largest direct online distributor of parts for Detroit Diesel engines, Cummins engines, Twind Disc Marine Transmissions and Allison Marien Transmissions. We are committed to giving you the best online buying experience. 24 hrs shipping worldwide.

760 NW 4th St Suite#100
Miami, FL 33128
(305) 545-5588 http://www.dieselpro.com Facebook
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Diesel Pro
- 4/30/18 4 of 5

they were helpful in engine indentification

Diesel Pro
- 4/29/18 4 of 5

très bon contact et envoie rapide pour la Belgique et un suivit A+

Diesel Pro
- 4/29/18 2 of 5

Shipping cost outrageous

Diesel Pro
- 4/29/18 1.5 of 5

would have been better if I was in the country at this stage freight makes it to costly

Diesel Pro
- 4/29/18 0 of 5

the water pump you sold me was missig the retaining washer andonly lasted for two days ..........gear came off and over heated my engine

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Diesel Pro 523
5.0 out of 5
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