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Here at EastLake Plumbing we are committed to integrity, quality and honesty. We are your local family owned plumbing business. We have over 15 years of successful experience in the plumbing industry. We serve all of your plumbing needs at very competitive prices and have been a trusted member of your community for many years.

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EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 4/13/18 0 of 5

Martin and Martin were here for a water leak. I also told them the flapper valve in the master bathroom was leaking and the tank would fill up every 10 to 15 minutes. Martin told me it was not the flapper and he charged me for a new fill valve. All night and the next day the tank would fill. I called and Martin came back and put a new flapper in and charged me $122, after I told him the day before it was the flapper. This is completely unacceptable. I am planning on putting very negative comments on Yelp, NextDoor App, and other social media. I am also going to inform several insurance companies not to use or recommend Eastlake Plumbing when their customers need repairs. If you wish to discuss in writing, then you can email me at bcreighton@me.com I plan to put the negative feedback online next next Tuesday. Bert Creighton

EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 4/11/18 2.5 of 5

Although the work was done satisfactorally I didn’t like that the receipt did not separate labor from parts. I was quoted $1195 for total work which I agreed to. The plumber left for an hour to buy parts and then another hour to have lunch. So I think he spent a maximum of 3 hrs working. At $120 per hour that is $360 labor. I should have asked to see the cost of parts. It was landscape plumbing. He quoted $160 to replace a sprinkler head in addition to the work above. I chose to do that myself.

EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 3/23/18 4 of 5

For years, Eastlake Plumbing has been quick to respond to my communication. I'm out of town and need work on my San Diego property. When there's a problem, they provide me the info, make recommendations and complete the job. EP has saved me time and money. Thank you for your help!

EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 1/30/18 0 of 5

We called 3 weeks in advance for yearly maintenance and asked specifically for Armando. We were sent instead the "other guy".....who we greatly dislike for his whining about every job and how hard it is, etc, etc. We know we don't like his attitude or behavior...hence we called 3 weeks early so we could be certain we would get Armando instead......but nope, we got the "other guy again.....We're done....we will look for another plumber next year.....because with 3 weeks advance notice we still can't get the guy we like ...... and NO, I WOULD NOT EVER RECOMEND THE "OTHER GUY!!!!!!" and NOW WE WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY WE HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN SO BIG ON....BUT THAT WAS BASED ON ARMANDO, WHO IS APPARENTLY NO LONGER AVAIALABLE...... EVEN IF HE IS REQUESTED 3 WEEKS AHEAD>>>>>>!!!!!!! AND YES, IT MADE US MAD!!!!

EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 10/17/17 3.5 of 5

Was quoted one price then the of service was charging another price. The service guy was very professional friendly and on time.

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