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Here at EastLake Plumbing we are committed to integrity, quality and honesty. We are your local family owned plumbing business. We have over 15 years of successful experience in the plumbing industry. We serve all of your plumbing needs at very competitive prices and have been a trusted member of your community for many years.

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EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 1/30/18 0 of 5

We called 3 weeks in advance for yearly maintenance and asked specifically for Armando. We were sent instead the "other guy".....who we greatly dislike for his whining about every job and how hard it is, etc, etc. We know we don't like his attitude or behavior...hence we called 3 weeks early so we could be certain we would get Armando instead......but nope, we got the "other guy again.....We're done....we will look for another plumber next year.....because with 3 weeks advance notice we still can't get the guy we like ...... and NO, I WOULD NOT EVER RECOMEND THE "OTHER GUY!!!!!!" and NOW WE WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY WE HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN SO BIG ON....BUT THAT WAS BASED ON ARMANDO, WHO IS APPARENTLY NO LONGER AVAIALABLE...... EVEN IF HE IS REQUESTED 3 WEEKS AHEAD>>>>>>!!!!!!! AND YES, IT MADE US MAD!!!!

EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 10/17/17 3.5 of 5

Was quoted one price then the of service was charging another price. The service guy was very professional friendly and on time.

EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 6/15/17 0.5 of 5

I needed the work done on a Saturday because of time restraints. Eastlake Plumbing doesn't work weekends and charged $200 more than if I could have had the work done M-F. This is their emergency fee. I am looking for another plumbing company that is available on Sat. that offers reasonable pricing.

EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 6/12/17 4 of 5

The guys did a great job and were very professional. My wife and I were very pleased. (Are we going to get a final recite for this project?)

EastLake Plumbing, Inc.
- 6/29/16 5 of 5

Eastlake Plumbing has always responded to our service requests in a timely manner and have provided dependable service.

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