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We are the Tile and Grout Cleaning, Sealing and Regrouting Specialists. Our grout restoration methods are proven to be the Fast, Affordable and Effective solution for making your dirty grout look new again!

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Grout Kleen
- 6/14/18 5 of 5

My tile and grout now look like the day it was installed 5 yrs ago. Really nice guy. Very professional. Didn’t try to sell me any extras like other companies

Grout Kleen
- 6/13/18 4.5 of 5

They were very neat and clean. My bathroom tile looks great!

Grout Kleen
- 9/8/17 4 of 5

Chris was very accommodating and helpful.

Grout Kleen
- 7/17/17 5 of 5

I love Grout Kleen! I was nervous to get granite, marble and stone as they are porous. They look beautiful however so I still wanted them when we had our kitchen remodeled last year. It seems everyone was trying to steer us away because these materials need to be sealed once a year. Our builder did not do a thorough job sealing so we found Grout Kleen. They gave me a good price and made me feel assured my natural stone was protected. After one year I am happy to say they protected my floor, back splash and counter tops beautifully. So easy to work with and the owner was wonderful and professional and quick! This year we just had our kitchen re-sealed and the associate who performed the service was professional, thorough and efficient. Water beads up on every surface I am happy to say and I look forward to another year of beauty from my natural stone surfaces thanks to Grout Kleen--eliminate the fuss if you are afraid to seal yourself and hire Grout Kleen!

Grout Kleen
- 5/12/17 5 of 5

Great service and great results.

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