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iGranite provides top quality granite, quartz, and marble countertops, at a affordable price.

4376 Gessner Rd
Houston, TX 77041
(281) 698-7378 http://iGranitehouston.com
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iGranite LLC
- 6/10/18 0 of 5

Just terrible. My wife and I are so angry that we don't even want to deal with igranite anymore. Should have stayed away when we read the reviews.

iGranite LLC
- 5/30/18 2 of 5

I have a problem with my granite and you schedule a tech and they never show ip

iGranite LLC
- 5/30/18 4 of 5

Service was good once the job was performed

iGranite LLC
- 5/30/18 3 of 5

Countertop was great however the installation of the backsplash was not good. Left backsplash covering electrical screw area. Called installer (Giovanni) twice to come out to clear up these areas and still waiting over 2 weeks. Disappointing.

iGranite LLC
- 5/15/18 0.5 of 5

The installers installed a chipped piece and we have been trying to get it fixed or replaced for almost a month.

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iGranite LLC 56
4.5 out of 5
88.39% of people would recommend iGranite LLC to their friends and colleagues