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iGranite provides top quality granite, quartz, and marble countertops, at a affordable price.

4376 Gessner Rd
Houston, TX 77041
(281) 698-7378 http://iGranitehouston.com
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iGranite LLC
- 5/15/18 0.5 of 5

The installers installed a chipped piece and we have been trying to get it fixed or replaced for almost a month.

iGranite LLC
- 3/23/18 0.5 of 5

The customer service - response time, professionalism, installation and notification of estimated arrival times have sharply dropped since our last purchase with iGranite. The quality and integrity of the installation process was surprisingly poor. Miscalculated measurements and cuts - a lot of filler used to cover mistakes - some up to 1/4 inch wide, the installation of cracked material, an extremely messy process - ruined client carpeting due to installers' lack of protection for the home. Extremely long installation process - fabrication of all material on-site with installers making cuts until midnight. Then when installers promised to come back on a particular day, they never showed nor called to inform they were not coming. In the end most of our concerns were addressed - but only after weeks of unanswered phone calls to the installation and sales contacts, and more-so due to the willingness of the homeowner to adjust her schedule to wait all day on many different days - often ending with a no-show of iGranite installers. Something clearly has gone wrong with this business between 2017 and 2018. I have recommended iGranite to many remodeling clients and those affected by Harvey. I sadly will not recommend or use again due to these disappointments.

iGranite LLC
- 3/19/18 4 of 5

Material was damaged and I had to have installation delayed by a week

iGranite LLC
- 2/20/18 2 of 5

The service was pretty good. Still waiting on someone to come seal the counter of my bar in the kitchen, which you all have been giving me the run around.

iGranite LLC
- 2/9/18 3.5 of 5

Great work but bad customer service

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iGranite LLC 46
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