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iGranite provides top quality granite, quartz, and marble countertops, at a affordable price.

4376 Gessner Rd
Houston, TX 77041
(281) 698-7378 http://iGranitehouston.com
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iGranite LLC
- 8/10/18 2 of 5

I didn't like the idea of picking out my granite until day before install and not really able to see the selection very well once I went to pick it out. The installers were not the best, they did not tell me they were cutting some granite inside my house which created dust every where. The people that installed the tile were great.

iGranite LLC
- 8/9/18 3.5 of 5

Overall the granite and job was very nice. The process is a little cumbersome as they use a text/phone service to confirm appointments and then for both appointments they were 1-2 hours late for. Pricing is good as well.

iGranite LLC
- 8/2/18 4 of 5

For not being on the time set for the measurements and also for the installation.

iGranite LLC
- 7/29/18 3 of 5

The workers left a residue of some kind on the kitchen tile as if it was in the bottom of their shoes and tracked throughout the kitchen. I have been on my knees scrubbing and mopping and cannot get the residue off of the tile or grout.

iGranite LLC
- 7/28/18 0.5 of 5

I have spoken with a customer service representative and a supervisor, and the supervisor, after interrupting me multiple times, made it clear that no matter what he said, he was going to say that iGranite did nothing wrong. So rather than try to repeat myself for a third time, feel free to call me at 281-682-2963 if anyone cares to hear my concerns.

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