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Trust your bookkeeping to us! Whether you need bookkeeping, financial statements, reconciliation, payroll, tax advise and preparation, software installation, or you need to set up your business's accounting system, IMAccounting is your answer.

IMAccounting has been offering expert solutions to businesses and individuals since 1993. Our primary services include accounting, taxation, and business consulting. We offer customized services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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IMAccounting, Inc.
- 6/8/17 5 of 5

Iren is well informed for the services we need and we look forward to working with her

IMAccounting, Inc.
City Blumber
- 5/22/17 5 of 5

Iren is incredibly helpful, trust worthy, and knowledgeable. She gave me hours of free help with Quickbooks online and made filing for taxes easy and painless. Iren is the accountant I have been looking for and I gladly recommend her to my family and friends!

IMAccounting, Inc.
- 5/22/17 5 of 5

Professional and fast! I have a new account for life.

IMAccounting, Inc.
- 2/20/17 5 of 5

Irene was very professional and extremely helpful in providing the necessary tutorial to better navigate Quickbooks and connecting the dots with my limited accounting knowledge. Her rates are very reasonable and her 2hr consultation shows how much she cares about the business she's in and trying to help the small business owner get up on their feet. I would certainly recommend her to any small business owner who needs help streamlining their accounting process and implementing the appropriate systems. Thank you!

IMAccounting, Inc.
- 2/17/17 5 of 5

Iren was wonderful! She is very friendly and extremely helpful. Iren helped me to develop a plan to clean up my accounting books. I feel happy to know our books, spending and accounting are in good hands!

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IMAccounting, Inc. 8
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