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- 9/28/17 5 of 5

The only diet program I've ever found successful. Dr Rabin and Nil are a pleasure to work with. The program is clear and simple to follow. You only have to visit once. I've brought over 12 friends to LiveLight!

- 9/12/17 5 of 5

I think this is the best program around for people with busy schedules.

- 9/12/17 5 of 5

I get motivational and positive emails from Nil and Dr Rabin who are constantly supporting me. Other than that, the program puts all of the power in my hands on whether or not I'm going to succeed. No one makes me work out or eat well - it's up to me. And that's how it's going to set me up for the rest of my life.

- 9/2/17 5 of 5

I like the app and the care provided by the staff. The emails weekly are something I look forward to and when you forget to send in your plans or goals they follow up.

- 8/27/17 5 of 5

I rated Livelight a 10 because I have been using it and it has definitely works. Having Dr. Rabin stay in contact weekly with its encouragement and reminders helps to keep on going. Espe

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Livelight 28
5.0 out of 5
97.14% of people would recommend Livelight to their friends and colleagues