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We are a Davis, CA CPA firm. Since 1998, we've been consistently meeting the needs of our clients with exceptional service and support. We strive to support our clients with services customized to meet their needs and to assist them in achieving their financial goals.

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Newman Associates, CPA
- 8/10/18 0 of 5

I was not happy with their job

Newman Associates, CPA
- 7/27/18 0 of 5

Poor customer service

Newman Associates, CPA
- 5/21/18 0.5 of 5

We would be EXTREMELY LIKELY to recommend Newman Associates to friends/family! You always made time for me even when I stopped by with my 3 kiddos in tow. You responded to all of my emails and my husband and I were able to sign our tax forms and pay for your services online. We love working with you! I do think your rating scale is a little unusual. Positive scores are usually high and poor scores are low in my experience. Your survey attributes the highest rating with a "1." Just know we love you guys. Sincerely, Christy Copley

Newman Associates, CPA
- 5/11/18 3 of 5

I like you and appreciate the service you provide, but this year the online data entry was difficult and very time-consuming. Document upload was so confusing I had to bring in paper copies and a thumb drive of the scanned docs. I'm no novice; the software was clunky. Given the time I had to devote to this in excess of what was required to prepare last year, and the (almost $200) fee increase which seems to attribute value to the software that I certainly did not enjoy, it would have been easier and cheaper to buy turbotax and do my taxes myself. I do appreciate your help at the last minute to fix everything, but if I hadn't followed up weeks after submitting and come in to walk through it with you, I'm not sure whether my taxes would even have been filed. My returns are not very complicated; I pay to have them done to save time and not worry. This year was the opposite. Your check from Golden 1 should arrive on Monday.

Newman Associates, CPA
- 4/28/18 0 of 5

Tax prep fees were higher, I had to pay more taxes each year that Newman Associates did my work than I had from Tom Read for 20 years.

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