OCP Group, Inc.

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OCP is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cables, wire-harnesses and subassemblies to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in a wide variety of industries from Instrumentation and Industrial Equipment, to Medical and Storage.

Starting with a dedication to consistently deliver the highest quality, OCP established its own cable manufacturing plant in the late 90’s to satisfy customer demand for tight control, quick turns and smaller lot sizes. Coupling this with a vendor partner base established in Asia years earlier, OCP quickly became a comprehensive resource for small distributors

7130 Engineer Rd
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 279-7400 https://www.ocp.com/
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OCP Group, Inc.
Republic Services
- 8/13/18 5 of 5

Its a poorly written question. I would say 10/10. You were quick and easy to use, but your slider bar says extremely likely (0) to Not Likely (10).

OCP Group, Inc.
- 8/4/18 5 of 5

Great products, good shipping. The cables are insulated very well and where exactly as advertised

OCP Group, Inc.
- 6/17/18 5 of 5

Quality product.

OCP Group, Inc.
Samjeong Automation
- 5/18/18 5 of 5


OCP Group, Inc.
Magnolia Diesel Performance
- 4/10/18 5 of 5

Had the products i was looking for and the prices didnt break the bank

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