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Finding a qualified plumber in San Diego just got a lot easier. Here at Pats we offer the very best when it comes to plumbing services in the San Diego area. Pats Plumbing and Drains do not allow our plumbers to show up at your doorstep to perform any work without at least 4 years of experience in the field. At Pats Plumbing we offer affordable rates, free estimates and always guarantee our work.

Background Story- Our Company was previously owned by a friend of the family and in honor of the owners father named Pat McCarron we chose to keep the title of Pats Plumbing in remembrance of the amazing, hard-working veteran that he was. Pats Plumbing & Drains is a family owned company solely based off of hard work and dedication.

4562 Hidalgo Ave
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 846-9391 Facebook
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Pat's Plumbing & Drains
- 11/14/17 4 of 5

Due to a miscommunication regarding locating his slab leak, we had to make a couple of trips and his project took longer. He said he was happy with our work and that he is going to start a remodeling job and will definitely call us for a bid.

Pat's Plumbing & Drains
- 8/17/17 5 of 5

They always answer the phone and are very friendly. The service is speedy and efficient. They remember who I am which is a nice touch on the customer service front. The plumbers always check in and out with me to ensure the problem was fixed.

Pat's Plumbing & Drains
- 7/13/17 5 of 5

From the moment I called their office, I received courteous Service! When the two plumbers arrived, they were prompt, very good at letting me know what was needed and they did the work in an hour.! I would definitely recommend them!

Pat's Plumbing & Drains
- 6/28/17 4 of 5

You guys always provide excellent service

Pat's Plumbing & Drains
- 6/26/17 5 of 5

The work crew shows up on time and they work very fast.

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Pat's Plumbing & Drains 25
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