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Perfect Match Auto
- 7/12/17 5 of 5

We just bought our third car through Mike. For anyone juggling career and family like us, finding the right car at the right price is daunting and time consuming. The service Mike provides was so welcome to us. Tell him a specific car you want and he'll get it handled. Tell him a general idea of a car type you'll get suggestions on what to go look at or test drive in person. Once you know, he's on that as well. He got us a good loan and a new car within a few days of our first call, all while we were moving! This time around we knew just what we wanted, so never had to set foot on a dealership lot. Highly recommend!!

Perfect Match Auto
- 5/23/18 5 of 5

Perfect Match Auto
- 5/16/18 5 of 5

Perfect Match Auto
- 5/15/18 5 of 5

Perfect Match Auto
- 3/21/18 5 of 5

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