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Teak and Deck Professionals specializes in refinishing, restoring and maintaining all types of outdoor wood including teak furniture, outdoor tables, chairs, hardwood decks, exotic woods and more. If it is wood or stone and outdoors we can bring back its natural beauty.

(760) 930-6060 https://teakanddeck.com/
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Teak & Deck Professionals
- 7/25/18 5 of 5

Excellent work and a delightful and courteous man who did the work. I'd be happy to give any testimony to any future customers. Thank you so very much!

Teak & Deck Professionals
- 6/13/18 5 of 5

The teak looks great since the service was done. The 2 men who did the job were polite and friendly. They were very professional.

Teak & Deck Professionals
- 5/17/18 5 of 5

The guys did a great job

Teak & Deck Professionals
- 4/11/18 5 of 5

Quality of the work looks good. Deck looks nice. Only issue would be I think they should swing by a day or two after completion to put the deck furniture back after the deck is dry. My wife and I are getting older and it's hard to move some of the heavier stuff.

Teak & Deck Professionals
- 2/17/18 5 of 5

As always, your work was exceptional. The furniture looks fantastic and since we are selling our house, it is a beautiful feature for our backyard. We are moving to Westlake Village and taking our teak furniture with us so we hope that you will come out that far to work for us again. Thanks!

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Teak & Deck Professionals 276
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